WOFEX Cebu 2023

Cebu, known as the “Queen City of the South” in the Philippines, recently played host to a grand culinary event that brought together food enthusiasts, industry professionals, and businesses from around the globe.

McAsia Foodtrade Shines at the World Food Expo in Cebu: A Celebration of Culinary Diversity and Excellence

In a celebration of food and culinary innovation, McAsia Team had the privilege of participating in the World Food Expo held in the vibrant city of Cebu for the World Food Expo Visayas happened last April 20-23, 2023 at Waterfront Hotels & Casinos, Cebu City.

The expo, a convergence of culinary excellence, showcased a diverse array of flavors, techniques, and industry trends. Our participation in this event was not just about presenting our offerings but also about engaging with the local culinary community and embracing the rich food culture of Cebu.

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